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Creating Safer Environments for you and your family.


Specializing in Healthcare Environments for over

30 years and now available for your home.


At CarePro the emphasis is on safety!

As a Leading Provider of Pest Management Services for the Long-Term Care Industry for over 30 years, we have been treating the living areas of well over 1 million of our most fragile citizens.  You can trust our skilled technicians to deliver that same level of excellence to your structure as well.

Health Care Facilities

and Senior Living




Disenfecting &

Anti-Microbial Services

Bed Bugs

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"Find one thing you can do really well"....

Judge Arthur Murray

My fine friend and business partner Steve Murray and I began our business in 1990 working out of a 15 year old Toyota Corolla and an even older lime-green car on loan from my father.  Our most faithful and ardent supporter was Steve's father, Judge Arthur Murray, and he gave us one lasting bit of advice...."find one thing you can do really well and stick to it". Before long we discovered that the one thing we could do better than anyone else was eliminate roach problems in Alabama's nursing homes. 

Fast forward to the present and CarePro Solutions now treats over 400 long-term care facilities in 12 states.   As much as anything we are proud to say that  8 of our first 10 clients are still our customers today and that over 1/2 of our associates have worked with us for over 1/2 of their lives.  

We have widened our playing field over the last few years.  Led by our Managing Partner, Jim Newsome, we have expanded beyond the healthcare market to treat both multi-family residential complexes and private homes in the Central Tennessee area.

With the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic we have now begun offering licensed anti-microbial and disinfecting services to a wide variety of facilities.

So, perhaps it may seem that now we do more than one thing really well but the truth is that the one thing we do has nothing to do with bugs or viruses.  It has to do with valuing others - our customers, our families and perhaps most of all, our associates to whom we remain very grateful for their loyalty and dedication to our inherent values and the embodiment of the servant's heart we all share.

If you want to do business with quality people who do quality work then we would love the opportunity to talk with you.  Call us....we still answer the phone.

Best Wishes,

Dan McCullough



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