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Health Care and Senior Living





Over 1 million sick and elderly patient rooms treatedAt CarePro Solutions we understand the unique demands that come with having treated the personal space of over 1 million of our nation's elderly residents.  Because these are among our most sensitive and vulnerable citizens we prioritize safety through the judicious use of specific products by qualified technicians who recognize the importance of their role.

Results, Results, Results!  We don't shy away from the challenge of maintaining a pest-free environment even in the most demanding of conditions.

Documentation at every level.  We also understand the demands of regulatory agencies and the demand for quality, pertinent and accessible documentation.

It can be a ministry.  But what we really enjoy are the frequent opportunities to interact with some of the most interesting people in the spend a few minutes in share a word of ask about those grand-children in that picture on the embrace those in need.  

We know it sounds silly perhaps...but for us our motto makes perfect sense....."hugs are better than bugs".

For more information about how our unique approach can benefit your facility please call us.  We actually still answer the phone.


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