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Bed Bug Elimination

We Will Solve Your Problem - Now

Sometimes Getting Rid of Bed Bugs is the EASY Part.  


If you are a Health Care Administrator, a Senior Living Director, or Property Manager and have yet to deal with bed bugs then the chances are excellent you will in the near future.


The important thing is to have someone like CarePro who has experience in dealing with such delicate matters.  Sometimes getting rid of the bugs is the easy part.  Even more challenging is determining how they got there in the first place and creating a plan to avoid a repeat occurrence.


This is where our 30 years of experience in dealing with residents, family members and staff proves to be a powerful asset.


If you are having unresolved bed bug issues then give us a call and put our expertise to work!  

If you think you have a bed bug infestation follow these steps:

1.  Don't panic...just call us.  We can handle problem.

2.  Identify the problem. 

                What do bed bugs look like?  (scroll down for details) 

                What do bed bugs bites look like?  (scroll down for details)

3.  Prepare the room. 

                Pre-treatment preparation guide (scroll down for details)

4.  Rest Easy.  We are on our way!

Why you shouldn't panic.

Five Important things you need to know about bed bugs.

  1. Bed bugs don’t spread as fast as you think Bed bugs don’t jump or fly.  They crawl slowly – slower than a sleep ant.  Bed bugs that are in a room aren’t going anywhere fast.

  2. Bed bugs live close to dinner.  They aren’t in a hurry to leave a perfectly good home to travel to the next room.

  3. Bed bugs are hitchhikers.  The main way bed bugs spread is by riding in a purse, on a garment or in a suitcase or bag of clothes. 

  4. Heat kills bed bugs too Clothing, tennis shoes, bedding, stuffed animals, etc that can be run through a commercial dryer at 120 degrees for 20 minutes will come out bedbug free.

  5. Bed bugs are not a symptom of poor sanitation.  They are equally at home at a Motel 6 as they are at the Ritz.  However, bed bugs are typically more prevalent in lower income environments since remedial treatments can be very expensive.

What do Bed Bugs Look Like?


Down South we like to say the eggs are about the size of an un-cooked grit and an old fat bedbug is about the size of a lady-bug in May.

Signs of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs on a mattress.jpg

On this mattress we don't see bed bugs but we do see a discarded egg casing and signs of their defecation (aka "poop") that look as if you put the tip of a sharpie on the cloth.

What do Bed Bug BITES Look Like?


How to Prepare a Unit for Treatment:




In order to ensure a thorough BEDBUG inspection and treatment the following steps must be done prior to our arrival.  (Failure to do so may result in higher charges)


1.  REMOVE and BAG all pillows, pillow cases, mattress pads, sheets, stuffed animals    and bed skirts from the bed and/or chairs.  Place currently or recently used clothing in bags.  This includes hats, socks and shoes. Seal bags for transport to the laundry.  

2.  REMOVE AND BAG ALL PRIVACY CURTAINS.  Wash and dry them on HIGH heat.

3.  REMOVE UNNECESSARY CLUTTER from night stands, dressers, closets, under the bed, shelves, etc.  Place in a sealed bag and discard in an outside dumpster.

4.  MOVE stored items and furniture away from baseboards.

6.  BATHE the resident and inspect them for signs of bites.

7.  DRESS the resident in freshly laundered and inspected clothes.

8.  LAUNDER everything that has been bagged on HIGH heat.

9.  Do NOT remove wheelchairs or walkers from the room until they have been inspected.


Bed bugs on a hand.jpg
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